Cuisine_Trois_étoilesYour dream of opening a restaurant may come to reality at any time, but a restaurant must use supplies designed for professional use. You would destroy traditional household supplies in a few days, but professional supplies will withstand the heavy use that is necessary in your professional kitchen. This article explains how you must select restaurant equipment that are fit for your new restaurant.

#1: Professional Appliances

Professional appliances are typically made from stainless steel, and the appliances are much larger than anything you would put in your home. A stove may have a dozen burners or more, and there are ovens that have multiple bays to use. You must select professional appliances that are rated for restaurant use, and you must use appliances that are easy to clean. Your health department rating depends on the appliances looking lovely.

#2: Professional Utensils

The cooking utensils you keep in the kitchen must be made from proper materials for each job, but the utensils must be far more hefty than anything you would use in your home. Wooden spoons much be thicker, metal utensils must be stainless and plastic utensils must be so heavy that they would never melt. You may purchase these utensils in bulk, and you must keep many on-hand for your purposes.

#3: Professional Dishes

The dishes and flatware you use in your restaurant must be of a professional grade and quality. Professional dishes are heavy, and the dishes will fit in your oven. Each dish will stand up to oven temperatures, and the flatware will hold up to constant abuse offered by your patrons. You cannot control what happens to your flatware when it goes out to a table, and you must choose heavy flatware for your own sanity.

#4: Professional Tableware

The tablecloths, napkins, salt and pepper shakers and bottles you place on each table must be designed for use in a restaurant. The tableware may be beautiful, but it must be made from heavy materials that will not break at the first sign of trouble. You will quickly understand that you may use only the strongest tableware to prevent damage in the future. You cannot afford to continually replace tableware, and you will save money on future tableware you have purchased restaurant-quality items.

#5: Ancillary Items

There are small ancillary items you must purchase for use in your storage room, for use in the dining room and for use in the Palais-Niel_couvertskitchen. You need torches that will help you burn the top of a creme brulee. You need baskets that will hold items in your storage room, and you need large hooks that will help you hang any meats that you have prepared yourself. Every ancillary item may come from the same place where you purchased your other supplies.

Restaurant supplies will help you ensure that your business run properly, and each supply must be rated for use in a restaurant. Strong utensils, dishes, tableware, flatware, tablecloths and ancillary products will adorn your business beautifully every day.