Choosing Your Bedroom Wardrobe

The size and shape of your room will determine the size and proportions of your wardrobe. In your room, you can find niches or other ideal angles for a wall wardrobe.

It is essential to decide in advance if it is necessary to change the physical layout of the room, for example, installing it on the walls to create a closet or separating the sleeping area from the rest of the room. It should be remembered that some structural changes can seriously affect the light in the bedroom and, therefore, the general feeling. Pay special attention if there is only one light source in the bedroom since even a partial block can be catastrophic for the entire bedroom.

The use of fully equipped wardrobes can free up space, but on the other hand, they can dominate. They have the advantage of transforming the irregular wall into a continuous surface. Separate furniture can sometimes give the room a lighter and more personal appearance than the built-in furniture.

If your room has a high ceiling, the modern floor-to-ceiling wardrobe can be too big and towering over you while you sleep. It is possible to illuminate the door space of the integrated wardrobe in several ways: the installation of mirrors on the door (or even the entire door as a mirror) can illuminate the room and make it more spacious. That to break the lines of the widest doors.

The wardrobes for the bedroom are generally the most efficient users of the space and, of course, can be made according to your needs and preferences. They correspond to the architecture of your room and, therefore, do not leave valuable unused spaces. However, built-in cabinets tend to be more expensive than their independent counterparts: the spaces they occupy must be measured individually and the wardrobes must be designed to fitting them. This requires, in better wardrobes, the use of craftsmen to carry out the adjustment process, and this is not cheap.

A cheaper alternative to a solid closet is a corner of the room. The choice of curtain fabric can complement the general style of the room and become a valid addition to any room. However, dust protection is not as effective as in traditional wardrobes. However, special custom wardrobes are easy to transport, assemble and disassemble very quickly, which makes them ideal for people with a semi-nomadic lifestyle, such as students. Remember that the wardrobe, as we know it now, is a fairly new invention: the curtain over the niche was the preferred way to store clothes until the Tudor era!

Halfway between the improvised wardrobes and a solid closet is a clothes tent, there is a curtain for clothes, an old competition solution with modern wardrobes: think of antique furniture for soldiers and you will have an idea of ​​the style. There is a metal frame or wooden tubes, to which shelves or cloth dresses are hung. Small objects, such as shoes and folded clothes, are placed on cloth shelves. The outer cover of the fabric fits inside the frame and the door is equipped with push buttons for easy access. The clothing store is mobile: lighter than a separate closet, although obviously not as simple as normal clothes rail..